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Voigt & Associates, Inc. is a technology recruiting search firm that cares greatly about your privacy. If you submit your resume (through email or using our website job board, etc.) to Voigt & Associates, Inc. for consideration for a current or future job posting, your resume goes into our private database. Once your resume is in our database it can be used, by us, to contact you for any current and/or future job postings we may acquire.

Your resume and the information contained therein will only be sent to our Clients, by us, after a Voigt & Associates, Inc. recruiter contacts you regarding representing you to our Clients. Only then will we send your resume to our Clients for consideration for one of the Clients job openings.

Voigt & Associates, Inc. does not give away or sell, to any third parties, your resume or the information contained therein except as noted above.

The Voigt & Associates, Inc. website does not use tracking cookies but some elements of the Voigt & Associates website (video, resources links, job board, etc.) are hosted on other sites such as, Bullhorn, etc. We recommend that you read the privacy and tracking policies for those respective websites, as Voigt & Associates, Inc. does not have control over their practices or policies.

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